Technology that raises the bar

Custom-made solutions

Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH manufactures open-die forged parts and ring-rolled products, with mechanical preparation and finishing provided on request.

A powerful electric steel plant

This plant is used to smelt ingots of various weights (up to 75 t) and with many different formats (round, square, slab and polygonal). We also have an ESR plant (maximum ingot weight: 84 t), which we use to produce higher-grade steels.

High-tech forge

In addition to steel bars, we also manufacture forged pieces for extremely demanding applications. The equipment used for this process includes two powerful open-die forging presses, with pressing forces of 27 and 60 MN respectively.

Ring-rolling plant for seamlessly rolled rings and wheel tyre    

We use structural steels, fine-grain structural steels, heat-resistant steels, SAH steels, wheel tyre materials, quenched and tempered steels, tool steels and bearing steels for this process. Special-steel-quality wheel tyres for rail vehicles are one of our specialities at Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH. Our outstanding performance has made us a "Q1 supplier" for Deutsche Bahn AG – the highest quality level the German rail company uses.

Flexibility for our customers

Thanks to the quality of our in-house facilities, we can fulfil almost any custom requirement for the machining of rolled and forged products without resorting to outsourcing. We also possess heat treatment plants that can handle a wide range of technical requirements, from soft annealing and normalising to oil and water quenching (horizontal and vertical). And when it comes to mechanical preparation and finishing, we are well-equipped with lathe, milling, drilling and sawing plants.