Production that meets the highest standards

Our commitment to quality

We guarantee the high quality of our products by means of a certified quality management system, which is supplemented by extensive chemical analyses, material tests as well as metallographic and mechanical - technological investigations.

Comprehensive reliability

In addition to our modern production facilities, we conduct a comprehensive system of testing and analyses. This reliably ensures the consistently high quality of the products we supply. We carry out non-destructive tests on our products, subject them to mechanical - technological testing , assess the metallography and carry out  chemical analyses. If required, we commission specialists to conduct further inspections.  

Certified quality

The quality of all stages of the production process is ensured using a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and the Nuclear  Standard  requirement KTA 1401. This quality management system ensures that all production processes lead to results  that  meet customer requirements  and standards. You can find an overview of our test procedures as well as our certificates and authorisations in the download centre.