Conserving natural resources

Environmental protection

We offer our customers flexible processes and customised products. Accordingly we have also tuned and optimized our environmental management system for our production processes. This is the only way we can meet our high expectations in terms of environmental protection on a sustainable basis.

Schmiedewerke Gröditz has been environmentally certified since 2006.  In the following years we have met the changing international requirements for effective environmental protection with ongoing certification.  Our environmental management is currently certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.  You can view the certificate here.

Our own environmental protection goals

When it comes to environmental protection and production we go beyond compliance with the applicable standards and laws - by implementing our own additional goals and measures. For example, we are looking  for alternative ways to recycle waste in order to make a better use of it. We handle raw materials and energy carefully and sparingly in order to keep environmental pollution to a minimum or to avoid causing any in the first place. We continually inspect our products and production processes concerning their environmental sustainability.

Employee awareness and motivation

The task of our environmental protection officers is to support the departments with implementation of our goals and to communicate our environmental policies internal and to the general public. At the same time we sensitize our employees  to their individual responsibility  in dealing with  resources. We encourage them to review our actions critically and to provide measures  at any time that can further enhance  our environmentally friendly activities.