Conserving natural resources

Environmental protection

We are always finding innovative methods to minimise the consumption of raw materials as far as possible whilst also constantly raising the bar in terms of our energy performance.

The quality of steel is not only measured in terms of its impressive product features – it is also essential to consider its contribution to a responsible energy and environmental concept for tomorrow and beyond.

When you offer a wide and varied range of products and services, you also need a thorough quality assurance system that reflects environmental protection concerns and aims to prevent – or at least avoid – environmental pollution, at every stage of your process. As such, we at Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH consider it hugely important to conserve resources as much as possible – an approach that environmental awareness is reflected in our aims and our actions, every day.

Our environmental and energy aims are:

  • To reduce electrical energy consumption and increase energy efficiency throughout our entire company
  • To improve our regular energy data acquisition and our communication with our production areas
  • To keep looking for alternative means of disposal, with the aim of continually improving how we recycle our waste