A wide range of services

Strength in diversity

We are an innovative company. Our wide and varied portfolio enables us to solve the technological challenges facing our customers in a huge range of industries.

As an innovative company, our wide and varied portfolio helps us to shape the future of technology. Our range of materials reflects the huge number of applications for which our products can be used, and includes around 300 steel brands with more than 2,000 analysis modifications. We also offer ESR-quality manufacturing for applications that require a higher degree of purity.

We produce premium-quality steel products for a variety of sectors: our customers come to us from the automotive industry, plastics processing, the oil and gas sector, energy mechanical engineering, the drop forging sector, the pressure casting sector, the rail industry and the animal feed industry. In order to guarantee the consistently excellent quality of our products, they are subjected to chemical analyses, non-destructive material tests, metallographic inspections and mechanical and technological testing – all in accordance with their individual specifications and the relevant national and international standards, of course.