Upgrading the ring-rolling plant

Full spectrum of casing joints

Since the new production plant started production at the beginning of 2017, Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH has been able to manufacture the entire range of casing joint dimensions - from some 600 through to 3,000 millimetres in diameter. This expanded portfolio ensures a higher level of demand from industrial customers.

Casing joints are important connecting elements between casing pipes and are used for construction and drilling equipment in specialised civil engineering projects.

Order from leading international manufacturer

In January 2017, a framework agreement was signed for the supply of casing joints. These Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH products will be used on construction sites around the world. In 2017 alone, the production volume amounted to some 1,000 casing joints, with diameters ranging from 600 to 2,500mm. This volume corresponds to c. 600 tonnes.

Production on two ring-rolling plants

The blanks are manufactured as seamless rolled rings, and then heat treated. The technical challenge in this connection is to produce thin walled ring blanks with heights of up to 560mm, and subsequently to process these elements mechanically. Our cutting-edge production technology and specialist know-how enable us to fulfil the high expectations of our customers.

Drill hole reinforcement in unstable ground

Casing pipes are used in compliance with the particular torques and thrust forces which are produced by drilling. The casing pipes are screwed in by means of a rotary actuator on the drilling equipment. It is also possible to screw them in using tubing machinery. When the surrounding soil has been detached, the tubes can be pulled out again and subsequently reused. Drilling depths of up to 90m can currently be reached.

Contact person

Brigitte Hettwer

Key Account Manager-Rolled rings-Roller bearings and slewing rings / Construction and drilling equipment of Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH